DIY Turfing

We can supply turf only. If you are considering doing the work yourselves please read our guidance and advice on laying turf and aftercare.  


The preparation is the toughest job, it takes time to rake the area well, remove all large stones down to approximately 20mm.  Rake the ground to a fine tilth filling in any undulations with the back of the rake.  Once the raking is finished you are more than half way through the entire job.  

Laying the turf

Start laying the turf away from the longest edge or hard surface ie. slab path.  Start at the edge of the path rolling turf out, lay boards or sheets of plywood onto the turf which helps the turf to make firm contact with the soil.  Walk on the boards and lay the next row of turf making sure joints are staggered and edges butted together tightly.  When it comes to cutting the turf around shrub beds or drain covers, use an old pair of edging shears.

When the turf is laid water thoroughly.  Do not walk on the turf (especially after watering) for at least two weeks possibly longer.

In the summer you will have to maintain watering daily until the turf is established, never let it dry out as this will cause the turf to shrink and gaps will appear between the rows.  Do not walk on the turf until the soil has firmed below the turf, when you water the turf the soil below goes soft and is susceptible to footprints.

In winter you can still lay turf as long as the ground is not frozen hard, the turf will take longer to root in so therefore it will be slightly longer before you can walk on it.